Use reading and writing while you learn

Use reading and writing while you learn

Posted by on May 27, 2016 in Learning, Reading, Writing

Use reading and writing while you learn

Learning while reading can seem like a very long process, but the thing is that it can be more than efficient. If you are the type of person that is visual learning type, then this should be the process of learning for you. If you write down things while you are in the classroom, you will prevent your thoughts to wander. This way you will force yourself to listen to your teacher or professor.

178470111_LearningCore_616x418_tcm21-12064The first thing about writing down is the fact that you have to be aware that this should be done in your sentences. Don’t write down everything that your professor says you have to learn how to separate important of ignorant. This way you will practically learn while you are writing. You will be more concentrated, and you will learn to adopt information instantly. It is often advisable to rewrite everything that you have written in purpose to memorize what you heard during the class. If you of this you will make your notebook, you will be able to remind yourself in the future whenever you want. If you want to profound your lecture you can read some related contents. The point of this process is to read a lot and memorize only the most important. The quality of things learned this way is better and permanent.

There is a very strong relation between reading and writing, and they shouldn’t be taught separately. These two neuropharm-readingabilities are a story about chicken and egg; it is hard to tell which is older or important. The connection between these two abilities is very strong; we can say that reading has a major role in writing. If you practice your writing skills, you will at the same time improve your reading skills. This is especially important for younger children who want to develop phonic skills and phonemic awareness. This will help them to learn how to enhance their vocabulary in the most natural way. They can apply their knowledge by using practical language.


Reading and writing are very important, and they can be considered as a key to a successful future. There are so many writing practice programs that can help you to improve your writing skills. You can take it online or in person; it’s up to you. There isn’t a good writer without previous reading. If you don’t read, you will never be able to improve your vocabulary. The choice of your vocabulary will determinate your language skills, that is if you read a lot of economics books your vocabulary is going to be based on economics terms.

14e4973The most important thing about learning, while reading, is motivation. The motivation depends on the content. If you are interested in the content of the books you are going to learn faster and to intake information very rapidly. Sometimes this depends on the teacher and the way of how interprets his subject. If the teacher can relate the children with the subject, then no subject will be boring.

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