Learning strategies

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Learning strategies

Learning is about making some strategy and organizing yourself better. There is a whole literature on the Internet that can help you to learn faster and more efficiently. If you are the one that likes learning by reading or writing, you should use some of the following advice.


learning-services-request-intake-process-2-638If you wonder what is the best possible way for intake of information, then you should try to use lists or headings, library, dictionaries and so on. Nowadays there is a lot of talk about how children have a problem with learning. The thing is in a wrong approach. Children exclude a research, which is one of the most important of learning. A research is a product of curiosity, and if we are not curious, that means that we are not interested enough in something. Some students can’t learn without a highlighter, which is natural because there are so many types of students, and it is easier to memorize when everything is underlined.  Sometimes it is very good to make headlines while you are studying. This way you are making associations that are going to help you to remember the rest of the lesson.



How many times have you heard about SWOT analyses? This is not just a tool that is used in economics; it can be applied to so many different areas of our lives. If you organize yourself, you won’t let yourself end up in tears one day before the exam.  Using these analyses you will be able to make a good plan that can help you to finish everything on time without any delay. This way you will be able to predict all possible problems. If it needs, you should make diagrams or graphs. Try to predict all the possible obstacles that you can run into. This way you will prepare yourself to overcome it easier and faster.



The last level of your learning should be performing of your knowledge, and you can check it in so many various ways. You can take an exam or simple test yourself. Before you do this, you should practice with multiple choice questions, this way you will learn how not to get confused. Try to compare similar answers and to learn how to make BD1234-001the difference between them. No matter how long you were studying if you mix similar things that mean that you didn’t learn enough. Avoid learning definitions because they are sometimes written in a too complicated language. Try to learn with understanding. Try to explain it in your head in your language. If you can’t explain it simply, that means that you don’t understand it at all. Learning something that you don’t understand means that you are going to forget it very soon and fastest than you thought. If you want to know when the right time to stop is learning, you should look at your comportment. If you feel insecure, that means that your knowledge is not good enough.


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