Are eBooks better than books?

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Are eBooks better than books?

Many advantages of eBooks are cited by modern technology enthusiasts. EBooks are mobile because you can have an entire library in your pocket. Not just that, top-5-most-popular-ebookseven if you lose this virtual library, the information will not be lost if you backed up your data. EBooks save space because you will not need shelves upon shelves where you would otherwise place your traditional paper books. As said earlier, an entire library will be yours to carry around, full of eBooks. This comes in handy with moving. And with eBooks, you will never run out of necessary space, no matter how small your apartment is. EBooks are convenient, because you will never have to feel guilty in those situations when somebody gave you the worst book you have ever read as a present and now you want to get rid of it, but your conscience is bothering you. Also, the convenience of eBooks is obvious when you want to find quickly another book to read – it is just a few clicks away. EBooks are easy to use; they can accommodate to any reader because you can adjust the size of fonts, bookmark or highlight the specific text you need and also conduct quick searches without having to turn pages. With eBooks, you will save on shipping costs, waiting time – no more standing in lines – and you will save time and gas because buying books electronically does not involve driving a car.

shutterstock_74882701Now, call me old-fashioned, but I would much rather embrace the roughed up leather bindings of an old copy of „Julius Caesar“ which smells of the decades-long accumulation of dust and times past is something that cannot be replicated. The simple sensation of touch can say so much, sometimes even more than all the letters found in the book inside the covers. An old book is like a detective story: there is so much to find out about the owner or the previous owner of the book just by looking at it, touching it, smelling it. And tell me, how can you smell an eBook? How can you reproduce that combination of aged paper, decades old ink and glue that combined to make a book? How can you touch an eBook? And here i do not mean the plastic of your mobile phone.


Books are a thing to cherish and keep; they can be passed down from generation to generation, just like your grandfather’s watch he carried to the Great War or your father’s couplings he got from your mother when they were young. We all know things cannot replace our loved ones. But they sure can make bring up beautiful memories. And a book is a perfect example.

An old book is just like an old friend – they will enjoy being revisited and you will enjoy revisiting them. They just stick around, like good friends around us, to revive the times of old. And no matter how much space they take, i will always find a corner in my apartment for a bookshelf.

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