Benefits of reading

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Benefits of reading

Reading may seem like a thing of lore, a forgotten concept in this modern world where any information is accessible in a matter of seconds with the wonder called the Internet and where visual effects and hearing sensations have predominance over the written word. Many kids of modern age rarely even come into contact with a piece of old paper that smells just like the years that have gone by – an old book they need to read for their school report. Instead, they grab their smartphone or laptop and quickly download the e-book they need. Or, even worse, the complete book report already compiled by someone else.

respect-your-readersReading books, which may seem out of fashion to high school kids, has many obvious and essential benefits for a developing personality in young people, but also for men and women of later age. The mental stimulation provided by books can, according to certain studies, act to slow down the progress, or even prevent, possibly, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Stimulating the brain by reading, solving puzzles or playing logic games is very helpful in keeping the brain active and engaged.

Books are a great stress relief because they have the ability to „transport “the reader into another world, where the common and daily problems simply vanish. Work related stress, family problems, or any other problem you might have, they will temporarily disappear while you read and let your tensions float away so you can finally relax.

worth-a-read-booksReading will make you smarter, your grandma used to say. Well, she was right. Every page you turn means you have also turned over lots of new information about the world, nature, people. Knowledge is power, as they say, and you never know when a piece of information will come in handy.

Similarly, as your knowledge grows, your vocabulary will grow with it. All thanks to reading. Knowing the meaning of words is essential not just to knowledge, but to present the knowledge you have. The ability to articulate well is very important, in every profession there.  Being well-spoken and knowledgeable will surely aid your career because people will value you more for your ability to converse with your seniors on an equal footing. Also, the broadness of vocabulary is excellent in learning new languages.

Everest-ReadingMemory, often frail and elusive, will thank you for reading. Every time you read a book, new synapses are formed in your brain and existing ones are strengthened, meaning your short-term memory is being nourished. All those characters and their desires, ambitions, histories, plots and sub-plots are a thing to remember and your brain will be delighted to process all this information.


Books will keep you focused and concentrated, because you need to point your attention to the text and nothing else. In our modern world, information is everywhere around us and we are constantly changing our object of attention, practically every few seconds. This can cause stress levels to rise quicky, and, consequently, keep our productivity low. Reading a book is immersive and will keep you oriented at all the fine details in the book, which will help your ability to stay focused.

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